To find a summer job that suits you, try these tips.

Summer break is a great time to earn money for college. But a summer job or internship can provide you with much more, such as an opportunity to get work experience and gain new skills. You may even discover your future career. To find a summer job that suits you, try these tips.

1. Firstly, make sure you have legal right to work in CroatiaLaw & Legal
Your right to work as an employee in Croatia may be restricted by transitional arrangements.
You may need a work permit if you are from one of these countries: Austria, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom


2. Consider work exchange instead of a paid salary

If paid work is hard to come by, why not consider doing something like work exchange in a hostel? This is something that 31554-200is quite common in European hostels. You’ll typically get free accommodation in exchange for a few hours work per day, and some hostels also offer a free meal or a discount on drinks as well! The best way to find one of these position is to sign up at worldpackers.com or workaway.info and you could find unique places in Croatia where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.

To get information about volunteer opportunities in our hostel, send us an e-mail on: jobs@vmh.hr

3. Apply early.

Employers are running fast. So after they have developed a good list of applicants to interview, usually around eight to 10 sooncandidates, they rarely look at later resumes that come in. This is especially true in jobs when there’s a big supply of candidates.

4. Be willing to take any job.

So maybe holding up a sign with an arrow pointing to tattoo shop or some fast food joint is not your dream job, but it is only for the summer! thumbs-up-icon-black-hiThe same goes for handing out flyers or changing bed sheets. No one really wants to do these jobs, but if they get you enough money to live abroad for the summer then why not? It’s not like you have to do it forever, right? Be willing and open to accept any job that pays (and is legal) and you’ll find yourself paying for you travels in Croatia quicker than you thought.


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