Because even in paradise the rain will arrive at some point!

Even though Hvar boasts itself to be one of the sunniest destinations in the whole of Rainy day in HvarEurope (it has an average of 2715 hours of sunlight per year!), you may be unlucky on your trip here and experience a rainy, cloudy or even stormy day. But fear not as there’s still plenty to do within the town despite Hvar’s main highlight being beaches, sailing brilliant sunshine. Read on for our recommendations what you can still get up to in spite of any unfortunate weather.

Market Stall

You may or may not have noticed but the port of Hvar is filled with adorable little market stalls selling some of the many local creations of Hvar Island: Hvar shopping whether this is handmade lavender products, olive oils and other tasty treats or totally unique jewellery. Despite cloudy or rainy weather you can still head to the town centre and wander around, whether you want to just ‘window shop’ or actually purchase something to remind you of your Hvar trip. If it’s really torrential grab yourself an umbrella and brave the rain – Hvar’s beauty shines on in all weathers so simply strolling around the town centre makes for a memorable afternoon.

Cafés & Bars

Normally used to keep the glaring mid-day heat out, nearly all of Hvar’s cafes and bars are covered by huge umbrellas and so the weather need not affect an afternoon of lounging, drinking and watching the slow-paced world of Hvar go by.
Park Central Club HvarEiher head to Central Park Club where you can sip on some first-class coffee and enjoy their finger food dishes, or Seven Club which gives you a fantastic view of the harbour and a huge menu of beers, wines and cocktails.

History & Culture

Monastery Hvar
Although it may be tempting to spend your entire time in Hvar purely partying and sunbathing, bad weather offers the perfect opportunity to get your dose of history and culture by venturing into Hvar’s top tourist sights. First up you have the infamous Spanjola fortress that sits at the top of the hill offering the most stunning views of the town and the nearby Pakleni Islands. Whilst it’s recommended to head there at sunset in clear weather, heading there in the midst of a storm or with some awesome looking clouds covering the sky is quite an experience.Thunder storm Hvar

The Franciscan Monastery and St Stephens Cathedral both offer a  stunning shelter from any harsh or dull weather and tell you a bit more about Hvar’s surprisingly interesting history.
Whether its architecture, religion or history that you’re interested in, these tourist spots have something for everyone – the well-renowned Last Supper painting can be found in the Monastery and the Cathedral is home to numerous sculptures & statues that tell some lesser-known stories of Hvar and the rest of the island.

The Backstreets

Perhaps one of the highlights of Hvar’s town centre is the amount of picturesque, tiny, winding backstreets. You can spend hours exploring little staircases, alleyways and miniature squares to uncover some of the best bits of the town’s architecture. Forko shop HvarThese backstreets are also home to endless clothing and jewellery boutiques, family restaurants, health food shops and tiny cafes – all just waiting to be explored.

Stay at Home

Gustico Hvar

If you’re really stuck for ideas head to the hostel reception and we can give you a deck of cards to spend the afternoon cosy in your dorms passing the time with games, or a couple of books for a quiet afternoon in bed and last but certainly not least you can get yourself a feast from Gustico just downstairs and have a picnic out on our shaded terrace or simply just order food delivered directly to your doorstep (Toll-free call 0800 303 303)

Hvar rain

Photo Courtesy: Zorka Bibić
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WRITTEN BY: Faye Hudson

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