Simple, hassle-free journey to Hvar

The most popular way for people to arrive on our beautiful island of Hvar is by taking the ferry from the mainland city of Split. However, this journey is often seen as complicated, long and exhausting making it one of our most asked questions at reception. We want to make your journey as simple, hassle-free and as quick as possible so you can focus on the beautiful views of Croatia around you whilst you travel and reach the wonders of Hvar in practically no time.

Arriving from the airport

Once you’ve experienced the one-of-a-kind landing at Split airport and grabbed your luggage it’s time to jump on one of the bus services available right outside the airport doors. These buses wait in the bus lanes to your right when you exit the airport and depart 20 minutes after flights arrive.Split_Airport_terminal

It’s possible to pay by card or cash in both Croatian Kuna and Euros or alternatively you can purchase tickets online but no less than 24 hours before your trip!

These buses take around 30 – 40 minutes and will drop you right opposite the ferry terminal so there will be no worries about walking for miles with heavy luggage.
If your flight does not coincide with one of these services or you are delayed, do not panic as there are other public buses available to get you to the ferry port. Be careful – the public bus (number 37) that you will need to take departs from the bus stop on the main road not within the airport itself. These leave on the hour, at 20 and 30 minutes past and take you to the main local bus station in Split not the ferry terminal and so you can either walk 10 minutes or take a taxi to get to terminal (for just 70HRK). You can check times using their website and selecting ’37 Trogir – Split’ from the second drop-down box found on the website (unfortunately there is no English version!). The journey takes around 40 minutes and will cost 21HRK (3€) with tickets being purchasable on board the bus.
There is always the option of taking a taxi from Split airport to the ferry terminal which may be easier if your flight arrives at a time that makes it difficult to take a bus, however this will cost you around 300HRK (40€).

Arriving at the port

In high season there will be 8 ferries per day leaving at times both in the morning and afternoon (typically these are 09:00am, 10:30am, 3:00pm, 4:00pm and 5:00pm, but more detailed timetables are available online at Jadrolinija’s website.
We strongly recommend booking your ferry in advance as far as possible as these routes can sell out quickly, a single sells for 50-60HRK (7,5€) depending if you are arriving in high or low season.1 z put-ka-sreci-romana-caktas
There will often be a number of ferries docked at one time so it’s important you find the right one. When you get off the bus and look to the right you will see some boats with the logo ‘Jadrolinija’, head towards here and there will be a list of the times and locations of all departing local ferries. Look for the ‘Split – Hvar’ ferry that is leaving at your scheduled time and note the number of the terminal the ferry will leave from. There are information points there with staff who can help direct you if you are unsure of where the terminal is exactly.
In high season, ferries from Split to Hvar may often be sold out, especially if you are travelling last minute, and so the second way to reach us is by taking the car ferry to Stari Grad port for 63HRK (8,5€) and then catching a bus to Hvar town. The bus timetable can be found here and tickets can be bought on board the bus for 27HRK (3,5€)

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Now you can enjoy the amazing views of Croatia’s islands and maybe even grab a drink from the on-board bar. In just over an hour you will dock at Hvar port right into the centre of all the action – look out for the parties going on at Carpe Diem!

Returning to Split

All good things must come to an end and so after your time in Hvar spent island hopping, cliff jumping, drinking until the early hours or simply just snoozing on the beaches, It’s time to make your way back to Split to continue your trip. This journey is often worried about by our guests and so we’ve created this guide to remove any stress, leaving you to enjoy your time in Hvar right up to the last minute.

The simplest way to get back to Split is to take a ferry from Hvar port right in the centre of town just a 10 minute walk from the hostel. These ferries leave at 6:30am, 8:00am and 1pm but it’s important to keep up with the timetable online www.jadrolinija.hr as timings change throughout the season.

To buy a ticket you can book online but only 24 hours in advance, our staff at reception will be more than happy to book and print your ticket for you and update you on the departure schedule. However, if you miss the 24 hour deadline, do not worry, your best option is to head down to the Jadrolinija office in the morning to check if there are any available tickets – note that the office is open until 7:00pm so it is also possible to ring the night prior to your departure to check tickets. The number to call is +385 21 74 11 32 but again our reception staff can ring for you. A ticket will cost you around 55HRK (7,5€).

shutterstock_427727209 (1) The second option to get yourself back to Split is to take the ferry from the port next to Stari Grad (another town on the island). The ferry carries vehicles and is huge, so tickets for these are unlimited. Departures are at 7:45am, 11:30am, 2:00pm and 5:30pm but again it is best to check with reception on the exact timetable for your day of travel or use Jadrolinija’s website. You can buy your ticket on arrival as there will always be some available, the ticket will cost you around 63HRK (8,5€) and the trip will take 2 hours. There is however free WiFi on board, a café and outside seating for your to have a more comfortable journey as you cross the Adriatic.

Getting to the terminal is simple; there are bus services that take just 20 minutes dropping you off right outside the ferry for 27HRK (3,5€) These depart at 6:45am, 9:45am, 1:00pm and 4:30pm getting you there in plenty of time to catch the ferry – again double check these times before leaving on their website  – be careful to select Hvar – Trajekt (the ferry terminal) and not Hvar-Stari Grad itself. You will find the bus station at the end of the main square heading away from Hvar port and these tickets can only be purchased on the bus itself. Once you arrive for your ferry, there are plenty of bars and cafes for you to have breakfast, a coffee or just relax whilst waiting for your ferry’s departure.

Getting to Dubrovnik

Perhaps you’ve decided to venture further into Croatia and explore the historical centre of Dubrovnik – a sight not to be missed. There are simple ways to get there by sea or by land, whichever you prefer.
dubrovinik-488x340Ferries to Dubrovnik leave Hvar port every day at 8:50am and you can confirm these times using the website www.krilo.hr as well as booking your ticket, our reception staff can again book this for you and there is no ‘24 hours in advance’ policy for this route. The ticket will cost around 2000HRK (28€) and you will arrive in Dubrovnik at noon giving you plenty of time to enjoy all the city has to offer.

However, these ferries may often be sold out and so you will have to get there by returning to Split and then taking a bus to Dubrovnik. This service takes 5 hours leaving regularly throughout the morning and afternoon. You can check the timetable and book tickets through www.getbybus.com, again speak to us at reception if you need help with your booking.


WRITTEN BY: Faye Hudson

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