Lavender is the symbol of Hvar, and as such, the island has a great vibe during the Hvar lavender season.

Although Hvar is most commonly known for being the sunniest island in Europe, it is also widely renowned for its rolling lavender fields and abundant selection of lavender products. Hvar is the capital of lavender production in Dalmatia, given the many sunny days and the mild Mediterranean climate the island enjoys year-round. Not only does Hvar’s impeccable weather attract sun-seekers from all over the world, it creates for the perfect environment for lavender plants to thrive. The peak blooming season is in June and July, which is the perfect time for summer visitors to enjoy the beautiful sight and experience this breathtaking island in its prime!

lavender festival

When you visit Hvar, the best place to come across the fields of lavender is on the mountains between Hvar Town and Stari Grad. On your journey, you can make pit stops at the mountain villages Brusje and Velo Grablje. Pull over on the side of the road to wander through the fields and stop by the various stands to purchase local lavender products. You can purchase lavender keep-sakes all over the island, as stalls selling everything from lavender sachets to lavender oil line the harbors and streets.

You can wander through the lavender fields and purchase lavender products at any time on Hvar. However, the best way to enjoy this attraction is to attend the famous lavender festival on Hvar. 

lavender in Hvar

During peak season, the annual festival, “Festival Levande”, takes place at the end of June, just days before the harvest in the stunning 14th century village of Velo Grablje. Velo Grablje is only a 20-minute drive from Hvar Town, which allows “Festival Levande” to be very accessible to visitors. This festival showcases the traditional lavender harvesting experience and boasts a local produce market, local art, live music, workshops, and conferences centered around the traditions of the lavender harvest and the many uses of lavender.

At the festival, you will find everything and anything lavender! You will be able to purchase goods such as lavender marmalade, lavender cream, lavender sachets, lavender candles and lavender oil. There are many benefits of lavender oil, such as calming effects and relaxation, aromatherapy, sleep inducer, insect repellant, perfume, acne treatment, dry and chapped skin treatment, hair care, digestion assistance, immunity promoter, nausea and motion sickness, and relief for itches and cuts. Along with these health benefits, lavender creates a wonderful flavor that you can experience here. You will be able to taste a unique variety of sweets infused with lavender, even lavender flavored ice cream! Also at the festival, you can enjoy live demonstrations of the distillation process, which produces lavender oil. Festival-goers are invited to partake in the process by standing on top of lavender bunches in large steel containers and stomping on them until the bundles compress. Your feet will smell delightful for days!

lavender hvar


So, go ahead and plan your visit to Hvar during “Festival Levande”. If your stay happens to coincide with the festival, then we highly recommend taking the short drive up to Velo Grablje to enjoy the aromatic festival and to wander around endlessly in purple fields. You will most definitely find the perfect photo to show off your time on Hvar! Don’t forget grab a few lavender keep-sakes to remind you of your memorable time on the beautiful island of Hvar!


WRITTEN BY: Susanna Cole

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