The best nightlife spots in Hvar

By day Hvar island offers lazy afternoons on secluded beaches, long lunches around the port and quiet strolls through the stunning Croatian countryside, but as the sun sets Hvar’s alter-ego comes into play offering a completely different way of life. Whether you opt for a bar crawl or a full-on blow out at an island club, Hvar has something to offer for every type of traveller. Despite the tiny size of the town, Hvar offers a real buzz with locals and travellers alike enjoying the diversity and the liveliness of the bars and clubs.

The Terrace.

Things get going on our terrace between 7:00- 8:00pm where we have plenty of comfy sofas and huge chairs to wind down after a day of sight-seeing, island hopping or maybe even snorkelling and diving. Make sure to buy some drinks at the local, nearby supermarket and bring it to the terrace.

The terrace is the best place to get to know the rest of the hostel guests and enjoy a classic Hvar sunset with a few drinks. Either lounge out with some wine enjoying the views or get involved with various drinking or card games. Our pub crawl leader will be around and by 10:30pm we will be on the way to town and our first bar – the famous Kiva bar.

Kiva Bar.

Kiva bar is without a doubt the most popular and busiest bar on the island, and not without good reasons. Tucked away down a narrow cobbled street, the crowds spill out from the bar with stag do’s, hostel-goers and holiday makers all enjoying the music, drinks and atmosphere of Hvar’s infamous drinking spot. On arrival our bar crawl leader will grab the free shots for all the guests and then its ‘Živjeli’ to the night (that’s cheers in Croatian). Make your way to the bar and one of the awesome bar staff will offer you a cocktail from their huge menu, go for normal size or a litre – get it at discount with our bar crawl leader!


If you’re feeling brave Kiva have a menu of weird and wonderful shots including the ‘Tequila Boom’ a twist on a classic tequila shot which requires that you wear a helmet as they bash you over the head with a bitter lemon – don’t ask us! You can opt to take it easy and sit on the stairs in the picturesque street with drinks and friends or get fully involved with the music and the buzz of the dancefloor inside. Things last until 2am when the crowds move out towards the port, but don’t worry the night is far from over and in fact Hvar’s clubs are just starting to get going.

Think Pink, Party Hard.

The party moves underground (literally) in Hvar’s only basement club Pink Champagne. Whilst the club boasts a luxurious interior and a prestige menu of drinks, as the night progresses the place offers music from some of the best local and international DJs. Expect the unexpected, as despite the luxury and glamour the fantastical and extravagant always makes an appearance leading to a unique night that may or may not be remembered.11717296_907529292647892_7229400444707593863_o

You can get yourself entry on the door for around 100HRK in high season and expect a variety of themed nights throughout the summer whether that’s elegant burlesque evenings or fairy tale vibes at a ‘Magical Creatures from Beyond’ night. Choose to take it easy in a booth in one of the basement’s dark corners or opt to head to the huge dancefloor and get up close with the DJs until 6am.

Carpe Diem.

If you don’t feel like heading underground you can always head out to sea from June 1st and arrive on the Pakleni Island ‘Marinkovac’ where you will find the naturist area of Stipanska and the wonders of Carpe Diem Beach bar and club. By day the place is a mix of sun-bathers and day-drinkers basking in the Croatian sunshine and people getting a bit more active by heading to Carpe Diem’s beach volleyball and soccer facilities in the shade of the stunning pine trees. By night however things move away from relaxation and luxury to music, drinks and outrageousness.


Stipanska itself is an array of beautiful pebbled beaches, secluded coves and stunning island wildlife all right next to the ever-blue waters of the Adriatic.Within all this natural beauty Carpe Diem’s nightlife thrives – whether you wait for the infamous full moon parties taking place just a handful of times a summer or head to one of their regular nights with offerings of super talented and well renowned international DJs.

So as things wrap up at Kiva Bar it’s time to take a stroll down the port, right to the end, to jump on one of the free taxi boat services departing from Carpe Diem’s town centre bar all throughout the night. Speed off towards the Pakleni islands with the views of Hvar at night in the distance behind you and in no time you’ll arrive at the night-time haven. For around 100-200HRK (depending on what date in the season it is!) you’ll be a part of the flamboyant and buzzing night community of Carpe Diem.

WRITTEN BY: Faye Hudson

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