All you need to know about renting your own boat on Hvar!

This is by far the best experience you’ll have during your time on Hvar and is not to be missed. Renting your own boat is the perfect way to enjoy the Adriatic Sea and see the nearby Pakleni Islands! From jumping into crystal clear waters to drinking all day with your friends, your most memorable day on Hvar is sure to ensue.

Though it may seem intimidating, renting your own boat is a very easy process and you don’t even need to have a driver’s license or boating experience! The first thing to do is to go to reception during your stay and order the boat through them.


boat trip hvar

Boats are available to rent from 9am-6pm daily, as the weather permits. It costs 500 HRK to rent for a day, approximately the equivalent of only 68 Euros! The boat fits up to five people, so grab your friends and people you’ve met at the hostel; this way everyone pays a small amount for a big day of fun!

After you’ve arranged the boat through reception, make your way down the dock. Where you pick up the boat is very close to the sports field and the “Tommy” grocery store. I recommend stopping by Tommy to grab picnic stuff, sunscreen, and some pivo (beer) for your day on the boat! Make your way over to the gas station on the dock where representatives for Villa Marija will bring you your boat.

As you’ll see, the boats are the perfect size for six with a shade awning and a storage compartment under the bow! A representative will get in the boat with you and give you a lesson on how to drive and dock it before you take off. Easy, right? Now you’re on your way! You have total freedom to explore all the beautiful Pakleni Islands and the coast of Hvar.

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As for where to go when you’re out there, that is up to you! The best part about renting your own boat is that you can explore everywhere. The most popular spots to go are Palmizana, Mlini, and Stipanska. If you wish to go to the world famous Carpe Diem Beach Club, make your way to Stipanska. There are numerous coves and beaches to pull your boat up to and dive into the clearest water you’ll ever see! It is the best to drive around and change spots where you anchor or dock the boat often, since you have so much freedom. As the day winds down, make sure to have the boat back to the dock by 6pm. So, there you are, just another beautiful day in Croatia.

Anchors aweigh!


WRITTEN BY: Susanna Cole

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